guys need some help.. who can direct me to working dl link for spy myung wol? eng subbed of course. it’s for a dongsaeng who recently gotten into shinhwa, esp eric.. thanks much! ^^ please?


Shin Hye and
Im Dae and
Lee Ji.
An enjoyable rounding.
An enjoyable healing time in a long while

- 2014-04-14 Lee Jihoon Facebook update
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so im reading them  ss501 fanfics ive saved up from way before. and a nostalgic smile was left plastered on my face.

[Trans] Shinhwa Concert Video Filming: Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold but fun filming


It was a really cold day that day.
It was cold to the extent you wanted to cut off your toes.

Was it colder because it was in the mountains?
However, though it was cold and even colder
laughter couldn’t stop

Ah, a daebak happening


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here i sit and wonder… when is my all about shinhwa coming?