LEE MINWOO ★ 28 July 1979

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to the dance master, sexy singer, dedicated composer, multi- talented artist, original & unofficial shinhwa otp6 shipper ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

you are loved! (´ ▽`).。o♡

laughing senseless on today’s muhan dojeon episode

It’s automatic, systematic, in this universe
I am pulled to you, you’re a black hole that I can’t deny

Every time I count 1  2  3 
The world around us stop.

[News] Shinhwa rep, “Partial lose, intend to appeal…no problems for Shinhwa’s activities”



On the 26th, Shinhwa Company revealed their stance on the partial lost they received over the dispute with Jun Media on Shinhwa’s trademark, saying “We will appeal.”

On this day, a representative of Shinhwa Company revealed this to OSEN, saying, “Shinhwa Company was successful on one part, and lost on one part. We will be appealing on the part that we have lost, and there is totally no problem on using the name Shinhwa for future activities.”

This representative also explained, “Because the original trademark holder SM completely gave up the trademark to Open World, now known as Jun Media, so it was a case we started knowing that Shinhwa would not have been able to get the trademark over. This was not a case to win the trademark but a case to determine whether there was any violation of contract and the right or wrong between Shinhwa Company and Jun Media in the usage of the trademark.”

Hence, it can be seen that the issue in the appeal will be where does the scope of the trademark held by Jun Media extends to.

*omit details of the case*

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[News] ‘Shinhwa’ loses in dispute over group name ‘Shinhwa’


Trademark rights with ‘Jun Media’…Court ‘Calculating the profits, Shinhwa has to pay up 100million won (~97,000 USD)

'Shinhwa's' side has lost in the dispute over 'Shinhwa's' name, and has ended up in a position where they have to pay over a hundred million won worth of “name usage fees”.

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cooked on this rainy night ~ #Kimchijjigae #dinner #cravings #comfortfood


Everyone knows Dongwan is preparing for his return as “Deng-dwig” in Hedwig right? He’ll be back soon!

- 2014-07-23 Song Hansaem Twitter update
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2017.07.22 Discovery of Romance: Shinhwa Eric & JungYumi’s Selfies

OMG why sooo cute?!  Grass in you mouth Mun Jung Hyuk?  :)

     Source: Bliss Media

dojeon: sorting out accumulated shinhwa files!

on my external hardisk:


and from my laptop:


plus from my desktop that I haven’t captured yet.

as this is no easy task (i should have done this long time ago) i have 1st to latest jib as my BGM.. i helps ^^

though I keep getting distracted when I see vids i haven’t watch for a while haha.. 

care to give me some fighting?


i just saw sistar’s touch my body 2x and now i cant get it out of my head.