Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, this is Shin Hyesung. Today I’d like to talk about the 3rd song for Shin Hyesung remake project “Once Again”. Everyone was really curious about what song and which artist I’ll be collaborating with. I’ll announce it immediately. Announce? Announce. I’ll let everyone know immediately. The 3rd song for “Once Again” is “Ex-Mind”. “Ex-Mind” is a song I released in 2010. The song was re-arranged by Jacobs Bustein JayB (sorry name is probably wrong ‘cause I don’t know who he is talking about..), who has worked with artists like Ailee, Younha etc. The song is very different from the original. It is very groovy, and we emphasized a lot on bringing a sophisticated feel, so I hope everyone will look forward to how “Ex-Mind” will turn out. And, I’ll also introduce the special artist I’ll be working with on “Ex-Mind”. This is a programme that became a hot issue recently right? I worked with a very cool rapper that was a hot issue in Show Me The Money 3, and that is the rapper called Snacky Chan. For the first track of “Buen Camino”, I sang a duet with Lyn, a female vocalist, and for the second track “Doll”, I sang a duet with Lim Changjung, a male vocalist, and for the upcoming “Ex-Mind”, I got to work with a rapper. Through this project, I’m working hard to present a variety of genres, work with various different artists to try and present a variety of music. Everyone, please look forward to “Ex-Mind”. Mmm, “Ex-Mind” is expected to be released on 30 September, Tuesday. So, I’m hard at work on it now, so everyone, please wait a little longer, and please show it lots of love when it is out. I’ll continue working hard, so please show me lots of support, and I’ll see you guys next time. Everyone, see you again.

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There was a time when we loved each other that deeply.

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung to Reveal Remake of ‘Ex-Mind’ with ‘SMTM3’s Snacky Chan

Continuing his 10th anniversary remake project, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung unveiled the next song on the list. 

On September 22, Liveworks Company announced that Shin Hye Sung will be remaking his song Ex-Mind for his Once Again remake project. This time, his collaborating partner will be rapper Snacky Chan, who appeared on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 3

Ex-Mind was part of Shin Hye Sung’s best album The Cycle 2005-2009 Shin Hye Sung in 2010. 

“For the third song in the remake project, which will be released at the end of this month, Shin Hye Sung has chosen Ex-Mind. Gaining interest through releasing a duet song of different genres and with other artists in this project, Shin Hye Sung will show a side he hasn’t shown in collaboration with rapper Snacky Chan. We ask fans for their anticipation and support for Ex-Mind, which will soon be released,” stated Liveworks Company.

Since July, Shin Hye Sung has been releasing remakes of his old songs, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his solo debut. He has so far collaborated with Kang Susie, Lyn and Lim Chang Jung.

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Our time together 
                           In that fantasy
                                                My Venus has paused
                                                                                  I am wanting you

Shinhwa // Roygen 2014

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amid reunion rush is Shinhwa’s consistency for 16 years ()