Track: 어린 애처럼 (Like a Child)
Artist: Shin Hyesung
Album: Discovery of Romance Ep 14
Plays: 326

Listen to Hyesung singing on the background on tonight’s DoR ep.

I’m on actual selective hearing mode. Cr to the fast uploader!

Full song will be out on Oct 2. ^^

[Video] Shin Hye Sung Asks for What You Want in ‘Ex-Mind’ Lyrics Video with Snacky Chan

Remaking one of his old songs every month, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung dropped his newest single, Ex-Mind featuring rapper Snacky Chan.

Shin Hye Sung revealed his September remake of Ex-Mind from his 2010 album, The Cycle 2005-2009. The remake project also includes a special feature artist, this time being Snacky Chan, formerly of Uptown. 

Hitting his 10th year as a soloist, Shin Hye Sung began the Once Again remake project to celebrate the occasion, picking one of his old songs every month, remaking it, and collaborating with another artist. The project began in July and Shin Hye Sung has collaborated with Lyn on Buen Camino and Lim Chang Jung onDoll

ahhhh no hyesung on dor tonight.. (that means we get 2 songs from hs because ex-mind release is also tom)

but we get a wavering yeorum on taeha.. teehee


YR: “Ofc I waver. It’s not another person. It’s THE Kang Taeha. Don’t you know what kind of person KTH is to me? Dated 5years. Received all the love… How do I not waver? I waver. I do. I said I’m wavering” (cr @ichashinhwa)

miclargeone *squeal*

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung Enjoys Romantic Autumn Camp with Fans

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung enjoyed two nights and three days of autumn camp with the fans.

Shin Hye Sung launched global camp 2014 HS Camp – Winds & Foreston September 26 through 28th in Gangchon Elysian resort, enjoying his time with 400 fans from nine countries, including Korea, Japan and China.

Launching the 4th annual camp this year, with the first camp held in 2010, Shin Hye Sung’s 2014 HS Camp – Winds & Forest was held in Gangchon, Gangwon province. 

Shin Hye Sung started the camp by holding a ‘high-touch’ session and taking attendance before introducing the camp schedule. He then carried out a special magic show and a mini concert, which he specially prepared for the camp.

During special session titled ‘Beat Hye Sung,’ Shin Hye Sung visited the selected fans’ rooms to hold a ‘cham cham cham’ game, during which he gifted the winning fans with special presents and took photos together. 

On the second day of the camp, Shin Hye Sung showed off his other talents during ‘HS Class.’ Having cooked ‘seafood handpulled dough soup’ with his special recipe back in 2010, Shin Hye Sung made soy candles during this year’s camp, giving them out to the fans’ who celebrated their birthdays during the camp.

It was followed with a mini sports festival, during which he engaged in balloon games, group jump roping, relay race and more. He also received the fans’ cheers by playing a basketball game against comedian Lee Jin Ho, who was the MC of the event.

During ‘Good Bye Photo Time,’ which was the last session of the camp, Shin Hye Sung took photos with the fans and shared stories behind his remake project ‘Once Again,’ returning as group S and Shinhwa’s comeback as well as his future plans, asking for the fans’ support and increasing their anticipation for his upcoming activities. 

Shin Hye Sung closely interacted with the fans throughout the event, presenting special gifts to all participants and checking every detail of the camp himself in order to make unforgettable memories with the fans. 

Live Works Company, Shin Hye Sung’s agency, stated, “Shin Hye Sung’s 4th global camp 2014 HS Camp – Winds & Forest was successfully ended. He spent a lot of time with the fans through high-touch event, mini sports festival, phototime and more,” and added, “We hope that this camp became precious memories for the fans and we thank you for showing your unchanging love for Shin Hye Sung.”

Meanwhile, having successfully completed the three day camp with 400 fans from all over the world, Shin Hye Sung will be releasing the remake project Once Again’s 3rd song Ex-Mind on September 30. (news source)

[DAY2] 140927 HS Winds and Forest Camp

Sports event (pt2)
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[DAY2] 140927 HS Winds and Forest Camp ~ 

HS Class: Candle Making (pt1)
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[DAY1] 140926 HS Winds and Forest Camp ~

Hyesung went to the campers rooms and play chamchamcham with them (cr due)

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He sang moon of seoul by kim gunmo and i want to see a vid of it.. every posible thing they can share thankyou.. ugh /SOB